News Flash…

This just in a boy is caught having a gum in his mouth while drink coke..

He was arrested by the free loaners right across the street and was brutally spanked in hands as if they were giving him high five but still it was brutal and now that boy is happy and enjoying his last sip of coke ..

We called his mother and she said ” tumharay baap ka kya jata hai ”

A precise remarked heard by us everyday when we tell her that….



Weird is just a little word for me as i am the one who can do anything if my mind is set to it..

As to tell people how weird i am i usually pick some of the most  yuk things i can find quickly and easily.And after that i try to make them bet on it as i also want to earn while doing a weird thing..

So the first thing i did was that i drank blood of a cow a whole to sips .Well it started like this that me and bro arranged a little Haleem making in our hood and as all of the guys of there and some of ours invited were there so i as usual thought why not do something crazy and make it a memorable thing. So i was searching for some thing and then i found some blood which was from the frozen meat dripping and then i said why not this i saw the meat and the pan in which it was and then i thought that after some time the whole blood will be in the pan, that is when my werid instinct rose up and after few minutes i pour that blood in an empty pepsi bottle and then announced every one to have a bet for anyone who can drink this and the one who does will be awarded with  1000 bucks…

So then they said that we will give it to yuou if you did it and as all was going according to my plan i drank it but that wasn’t all they didn’t believe it and said that drink that again so i did it and i spill some of it …

And then i was satisfied that i my mission to be different and weird is done for this occasion….

The Wedding of my fav cousin’s ….

Well two of my fav cousin’s are now married and you can believe it it was way cool than anything happend way cooler than the Bakra eid ..

I was quiet bored staying at my Uncle’s home cause there were only kids and lots of them puling my pant and shirt to play with them eating my brain and draining my temper every time i am around them or they are around me..

Well it was in December starting i mean the first ceremony before the marriage was on 17 and then 3 days back to back was one ceremony in which we people like to sing play dhol and tell people that we are happy that a person are going away from us to a new house which will be her’s for the rest of her life..

And after the Eid it was the day it was the Nikkah when we don’t had as much fun as predicted but me and my brother made it a blast for all the rest of the fellas younger and older..

After that day was the Final ceremony the Wedding of both of my cousin and here i and my brother not only had a blast time for us but for all the guest who had been in there . As we both were had an dare that who will entertain the guest more so we both pick one cousin’s reception and then the dare was on as i as usual try to make and ass out of my self by doing cute thing which people said they were and as an older brother i pick the most easy one for the dare which were the older but the wackiest reception bride and broom of the day for everyone…

Will Be Continued….

An unusal friend to stay at my house….

Well one of my friend stayed at my house here on Saturday. As he never stayed at anyones house like this so it was good to see him here at my house and to be happy and awake for the first time..  He never had seen the night at our neighborhood and haven’t got out of his house late at night and roam free on the street. So now he got a great chance to do it and be free to do anything as in my house everything is chill and cool to do but in some certain conditions..

As he came at 10:30 so  we kind of have a late tea out at the local tea house who serves good Tea and Paratha.So as we were going we met my brother  who was coming from his tuition so we asked him to join us so he did.As he was in his bike so he flee off and said that we reach there as he will be there   already .So we both walk our way.

As we were there and only we bros are in a habit of smoking so  we smoke and drank tea and chat for about 2 hours there ..He i mean my friend was laughing like hell as when we both bros sit we are telling people how much of a psycho  we both can be and without anyone’s help how much fun we  can have..  As we both brother smoke together occasionally and we say bad things to us and don’t see when and where are we saying who is sitting and what are we saying , And the best thing is we both don’t mind a thing except if it personal ….

So after coming back home i went to my room with the friend and then we sat for almost two more hours just winning about things and then we both went out again and sat out all the night in the street…

In the end we prayed as it was the time and came back home and then sleep .

When we slept it was 7 in the morning and i dont know when he left as i was dead sleep…..

All in all it was a fun experience.

A day at mobile shop

    Well i sat for two days at my friends  local mobile shop located at Saddar . He owned a mobile shop in partnership with his Brother-in-law. And he said to sit with him in his shop for few days and try to get something that how people like us deal with the local citizen everyday and let them buy our stuff and how to bargain and sell things to them. As it was a wonderful and pretty good experience as i  was like the dumbest person there but i caught with there dealing fast and good ( for a beginner ).

As i met very interesting people there and was quiet amused that people like that still exist in the world or in Karachi today .

As the first interesting person i came across was also a mobile seller but not at Saddar but at Gulistan-e-Jauhar. He was a total friendly person as i came to know but at the other hand the is also the person who is gonna back stab you as soon money is involved in it and thats why he is not the person to rely on….

There were more person like them  many more so this was the one who was the best to be mentioned ….

Left that place but the things i saw and know were all god to know..

Dirty Habit!

Well i am in a habit of smoking and i don’t like it but i still do it .I am not a chain or regular smoker but when friends gather around and  we sit together than no one can smoke more than me. As i smoke cigars and all what i can get my hands on.I am high when i smoke empty stomach but not too soon after one or two packs. But you know what i am not doing it for few days and wont be as i know when to stop and am making my will power more strong as i know i have to stop it.

Well the funny thing is we tried that our Goat we bought would smoke as it was a lame thing to do but me and my brother tried .


Well a good news about my breakup ..

The girl i told you about earlier i was chatting with well now i am off with her.

My friend told me that write some stuff like:

“I love you and do you love me cause if not there is no meaning of us to talk about and its a waste of time and money..”

So i did wrote her a text message and was late at night so waited till the morning for the repl.As i was not awake and was not in a hurry for a reply so i slept and when i woke up i saw 5 messages by her on my cell phone . So i read them the first one said that no i do not want to go beyond this friendship and was sorry and blah blah blah so does the other as the other’s were about the sorry and  please do not mind this and i still am your friend and don’t take the pleasure of wishing you happy birthday as i like to chat with you more than any one and stuff like that..

As i forwarded all the message to the moron who said me to do it as i would never ever say love you to anyone in my life as for me these words are gross and yuck. I would never say it to even my mother i would tell her in another way in another expression but not directly.So we aren’t talking from then as another girl who is actually the moron’s girlfriend she told him that she is missing me,missing  the idiotic stuff i told her and all above that she misses the fun of chat we had…

And all in all i am rather happy than sad but after few days i also missed her but i have recovered now am back again full of joy and entertainment . So am moving on and hope i wont have another girlfriend like this or of any sort again..